Testimonials — What our participants are saying about our organization. 

Thank you All, the Baskets of Life Volunteers. I am so grateful to you and you are very appreciated.
— M.S.
Thank you and God Bless You All!
Thank you so much for sending a birthday card to my mother (who also attends Baskets of Life). She turned 82 years old and was thrilled to receive your birthday card.
— P.C.
Today’s topic “What is Love?” was Helpful! Thank You! and Thank You for all that you do!!
— P.S.
You always have great topics.
— SB
Blessings for all who enter Wright Memorial Church!
Thank you for the blessings you gave through the sermon and help for the homeless. God bless and thank you.
— AH
Anything I have heard here is good.
— T.S.
Thank you for sending me a birthday card. I got it in the mail and it made me happy that you remembered me.
— V.M..
I thank God for places like Baskets of Life when we found ourselves in need!
— J.P
This is a wonderful program and I am thankful for this. I need the stuff and it helps a lot, but the best part I love the most is the message. Thank you.
— M.S.
I like going to church for Baskets of Life. It helps. It’s the only thing that will get me through. It gives me strength when I’m going through a lot.
Thank you and God bless you all so.
Thank you! Great message!
— MS
— AK
Doing a find job.
— N.J.
I always find all your speakers interesting.
— T.J.
Thank you very much for the delightful experience in your beautiful church. Noah’s (the talking dog’s) talents and obedience are an inspiration. The basket (of laundry supplies) and delicious food were very much appreciated. I will look forward to reading the ‘More Than a Carpenter’ book I received and sharing the faith with my daughter and her children. Again, and most gratefully, Thank you.
— M.S.
Your services are fullfilling, and I love the time spent here.
Thank you for the card. It’s nice knowing you care and think of me.
— KO
The music today is beautiful. Thank you.
— B.P.